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"Hello Girls" , WWI Signal Corps switchboard operators: Getting Started

Signal Corps switchboard operators

Hello Girls was the colloquial name for American female switchboard operators in World War I, formally known as the Signal Corps Female Telephone Operators Unit. During World War I, these switchboard operators were sworn into the U.S. Army Signal Corps.

The “Hello Girls” fought with skill and cutting edge technology — well, cutting edge for the early 1900s. The Hello Girls were the first women to be sent to war by the U.S. Army, working as telephone switchboard operators and connecting 26 million calls throughout the First World War.


Overlooked No More: Grace Banker, Whose ‘Hello Girls’ Decoded Calls in World War I

NPR "All things Considered"

Elizabeth Cobbs

Join Elizabeth Cobbs, author of The Hello Girls: America’s First Women Soldiers, in a discussion on the invaluable role these pioneering woman served and their legacy today. Presented in partnership with the National Archives at Kansas City.

Grace Banker

THE HISTORY OF A HELLO GIRL by Michelle Christides

The Musical on Broadway

The Hello Girls

Off Broadway, Musical
2 hrs. and 15 min.
Music and lyrics by Peter Mills; Book by Peter Mills and Cara Reichel; Choreography by Christine O'Grady; Directed by Cara Reichel
Ellie Fishman, Arlo Hill, Chanel Karimkhani, Andrew Mayer, Matthew McGloin, Ben Moss, Lili Thomas, Skyler Volpe, Cathryn Wake and Scott Wakefield

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Hello Girls
Filmmaker Jim Theres tells the story of America's first female soldiers. In 1918 the U.S. Army Signal Corps sent 223 women to France as telephone operators to help win the Great War. But you've probably never heard of them. Now you will!

winner of the 2018 About Women and Girls film festival