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French Influence on the Art World: ART OF PROTEST

Printing a Revolution: The Posters of Paris ’68

Expo d’art (Art Exhibit):

Marc Riboud  Biography Link 


Noir Desir link (Charlie Hebdo – “Un jour en France”)

One day in France is a title of Noir Désir published on the album 666.667 Club , released in 1996.

Charlie Hebdo


Zebda « Le Bruit et l’odeur »

Jean Ferrat (chansons procommunistes)

George Brassens (négatif sur l’église catholique)

Colette Magny

Leo Ferré

Renaud (mouvement de 1968)


French satirical weekly magazine, featuring cartoons, reports, polemics, and jokes. Irreverent and stridently non-conformist in tone, the publication describes itself as above all secularskeptic, and atheist, far-left-wing, and anti-racist publishing articles about the extreme right (especially the French nationalist National Front party), religion (CatholicismIslamJudaism), politics and culture.