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American Decades of the 20th Century: Getting Started

The 20th Century

The 20th Century began on January 1, 1901 and ended on December 31, 2000.  It was the tenth and final century of the 2nd millenium.  

Inventions such as the light bulb, the automobile, and the telephone in the late 19th century, were followed by supertankersairliners, motorways, radio, television, antibioticsfrozen food, computers and microcomputers, the Internet, and mobile telephones.  These and many other 20th century inventions affected people's quality of life across the developed world. Scientific research, engineering professionalization and technological development drove changes in everyday life.



Websites for all Decades

Food throughout the decades

  • Cooking Through the Decades
    Read about food, recipes, and cooking styles from 1905-1999.
  • Food Timeline
    Trace food history from prehistoric times to the present, with links for every item on the timeline.

E-Books American Decades

Library of Congress American Memory Project

America's Story


Arts and Entertainment

    • Film History by Decade
The history of motion pictures by decade.
    • Oldies Music Calendar

History of the 20th Century

Top names of the 20th Century by Decade

U.S. History by Era


Advertising in the 20th century

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