What is a Libguide anyway?: Other cool features

How can I collaborate with the librarians to create a guide for my class????


Libguides at Timberlane will include:

  • links to e-books
  • Highlighted Informational Text (non-fiction books and Reference materials)
  • Highlighted Literary Resources (fiction, novels, short stories)

PLEASE NOTE:  The resources below are for demonstration only and may not be part of our collection

Link to Electronic Books & Databases

Links to e-books are site specific on Timberlane Libguides there will be no passwords needed.

Featured Library Books

Some featured books will display the book cover, others may not

Librarian Recommended Web sites

Here are a few suggested websites that break down social issues by topic and provide you with links to Internet resources that are specific to that topic, and which have first been reviewed by an actual person. 

Polls and surveys

Polls and surveys can be added to any libguide!

There are so many uses for Polls and Surveys................

What will you use them for!!!!!

Interactive Poll

Do you think a LibGuide would be helpful for YOUR students?

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