On-Line Paid Resources

Paid, Online Resources

ComiXology is a digital comics service, owned by Amazon, with comics from more than 125 publishers and a variety of purchase options, including the Unlimited subscription service. Android and iOS apps are available.

DC Universe
DC Universe is a platform meant to capture an expanding portion of the DC Comics universe, including streaming TV and movies, digital comics, and exclusive merchandise. Subscribers can access content online and through various mobile apps.

futekiya Library
From the vendor: “futekiya Library is a convenient and straightforward online manga subscription service for officially licensed Boys╩╝ Love manga.” Note that this platform includes a significant number of mature titles.

From the vendor: “Mangamo is a manga subscription service that delivers unlimited access to a robust manga library via your iOS devices. … Your subscription helps support the manga creators that work tirelessly behind the scenes to forge your favorite stories. Every manga on Mangamo is of the highest graphic quality with the most accurate localization.”

Manga Planet Library
From the vendor: “Manga Planet Library is a convenient and straightforward online manga subscription service for officially licensed Japanese manga.”

Marvel Unlimited
From the publisher: “Marvel Unlimited is a member subscription service that gives members unlimited access to over 27,000 issues of Marvel's classic and newer titles, delivered digitally through your desktop web browser and the Marvel Unlimited mobile app. More classic and newer issues are added every week — as soon as 6 months after they hit stores!”

Shonen Jump Digital Vault
From the publisher: “Unlock the Shonen Jump digital vault of over 10,000 manga chapters! Read every chapter of One Piece, My Hero Academia, One-Punch Man, Dr. STONE, Boruto, Dragon Ball Super and many more!”

Free Resources

Comic Book Plus
Comic Book Plus is home to thousands of Golden and Silver Age comics, comic strips, and pulp fiction. Users can browse and read online without an account, but must request one in order to use the download feature.

Dark Horse, Read First Issues
From Dark Horse’s newsletter: “We're offering over 80 first issue comics, along with a handful of full graphic novels, for free to read on Dark Horse Digital! To start reading, just sign up for free at with a valid email address, no credit card required. Enjoy!”

Digital Comics Museum
Digital Comics Museum is home to thousands of public domain Golden Age comics. Users can preview comics online, but must register an account to download

Europe Comics, Travel the World With Comics
From the publisher: “Are you being a good citizen and not leaving your home? Europe Comics will take you on a journey around the world and beyond! Choose a title from a range of our most escapist series and graphic novels, and read half of the first volume for free!”

Image Comics, Read First Issues
Image, one of the largest comic publishers in the United States, makes many first issues available to read online for free. They publish a wide range of titles, including numerous science fiction, fantasy, and horror comics.

Library of Congress Webcomics Collection
From the LoC’s description: “This collection focuses on comics created specifically for the web and supplements the Library of Congress’ extensive holdings in both comic books, graphic novels, and original comic art. … This collection includes work by artists and subjects not traditionally represented in mainstream comics, including women artists and characters, artists and characters of color, LGBTQ+ artists and characters, as well as subjects such as politics, health and human sexuality, and autobiography. The content of these websites is captured as it was originally produced and may include content that is not suitable for all ages.”

Shortbox Digital Comics
A rotating collection of comics published by Shortbox, Zainab Akhtar’s small press comics imprint. Titles are updated on Monday and Thursday. Currently available are:

  • Beneath the Dead Oak Tree, by Emily Carroll, 2018
  • Food Baby, by Lucie Byron, 2016
  • Pingu zine, with comics and illustrations by Mathieu Larone, Luke Pearson, Rosie Brand, Nico Delort, Lottie Pencheon, Becca Tobin, Lucie Ebrey, Lucie Bryon, Jesse Zabarksy, Kelly Smith, John Martz, Joe Decie, Molly Fairhurst, Hamish Steele, and Michael Furler, 2018
  • Your Mother’s Fox, by Niv Sekar, 2017

Silver Sprocket, Free Webcomics
From the publisher: “We’re posting the Silver Sprocket comics catalog online for free easy reading. This includes nearly everything Silver Sprocket has ever published, from Eisner and Ignatz Award nominated hits like Your Black Friend by Ben Passmore, Catboy by Benji Nate, and Pinky and Pepper Forever by Ivy Atoms, to new releases and out-of-print classics.”

Viz, Sample Chapters & Latest Chapters of Popular Manga
Viz, the English-language publisher of many popular manga, offers the latest English-language chapters of four popular manga for free (all four are designated as Teen level by the publisher). Click on the publisher site below and scroll to the bottom of the page. The website above also advertises other manga for sale that offer free previews. Some sample previews may not be appropriate for all ages.

Webcomic List, The
“The Webcomic List primarily helps you keep track of which of your favourite online comics have updated.” Users can register and get updates about newly updated webcomics. Note that the site may be visually difficult to read for some users.

Home to thousands of creator-owned comics works and is available free via web browser or phone application. Individuals can create accounts to follow their favorites.

19 Webcomics to Keep Kids and Teens Engaged

19 Webcomics to Keep Kids and Teens Engaged
A list of suggested webcomics created by Mahnaz Dar for School Library Journal. Organized by age range, including a variety of genres.


Bad Machinery
Allison, John
Bad Machinery tells the story of some mystery-solvin’, adventure-havin’ pre-teens in the fictional town of Tackleford, England.  Fun and fantastical.  Start with The Short Preamble, and you’ll be set to solve mysteries with the best of them.

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Library of Congress Comic Book Collection

The largest collection of comics books in the United States is housed in the Serial and Government Publications Division. The collection includes U.S. and foreign comic books—over 5,000 titles in all, totaling more than 100,000 issues. Primarily composed of the original print books, the collection includes color microfiche of a handful of the early comic books (such as Wonder Woman, Superman, and Action Comics) and special reprints. Although the collection is most comprehensive from 1950, scattered issues from numerous titles date back to the 1930s. A small number of comic books make up the Underground Comic Book collection. Comic books are circulated for use in the Newspaper and Current Periodical Room for those doing research of a specific nature. Self-service photocopying of comic books is prohibited. In some cases photocopies may be obtained through the Photoduplication Service of the Library of Congress.