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Social and Emotional Learning and Fostering the Formative Five: Home

Fostering The Formative Five / Welcome

Welcome to the Success Skills LibGuide.  This LibGuide is an ongoing digital toolbox to locate sources that will support the Formative Five movement for the Danville Elementary School Community.   Any additional resources for the toolbox must be added in collaboration with the Social, Emotional and Academic Learning Committee. 

This guide will grow with the needs of our students, staff, and parents. Please explore the resources that are available at school and from home in order to foster the skills that are necessary for the success of all students in the 21st Century.   

The SEL Mission

The Social, Emotional and Academic Learning Committee  (SEAL) is committed to providing resources and support in order to foster the emotional and social skills we all need to be productive, caring citizens.

Cultural Proficiency is the set of values and behaviors in an individual or set of policies and practices in an organization, that create the appropriate mindset and approach to effectively responding to the issues caused by diversity.  A culturally proficient organization interacts effectively with its employees, its clients and its community.  Culturally proficient people may not know all there is to know about others who are different from them, but they know how to take advantage of teachable moments, how to ask questions without offending, and how to create an environment that is welcoming to diversity and to change."  Kikanza Nuri-Robins, Randall B. Lindsey, Delores Lindsey, Raymond Terrell, 2011 Culturally Proficient Instruction.  3rd Ed. (Corwin)

Danville Elementary School ~ Beth Kisiel, LMS

Morning Meeting

Morning meeting is a great opportunity to engage students and staff in meaningful conversations around the formative five skills and other attributes.  Use the resources in this Libguide to involve your classroom in those important discussions that make us all productive and kind citizens of the 21st Century.