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What is a Libguide anyway?: Home

How can I collaborate with the librarians to create a guide for my class????


Welcome to LibGuides!  What in the world is a LibGuide, anyway?

LibGuides are customized electronic guides that Librarians create to better help students with their research.  This site IS a LibGuide! They are accessible from anywhere at any time and can be linked to directly from your Google classroom or Timberlane's homepage.  Each guide is customized to a particular class or even to a specific assignment, so students can know which resources and strategies will likely yield the best results.  We can embed files, links, RSS feeds, videos, and custom widgets, as well as link directly to all of our electronic databases and eBooks.

We will even keep an up to date list of all of our electronic databases and reference books in a LibGuide.

Use the tabs above to see examples of the kinds of tools that we can embed in these Guides.